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TELEPHONE - Indhiyan

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Jimsweb, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Film: Indhiyan
    Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 S

    TELEPHONE manipoal sirippaval ivalaa
    p G RG    R S S    n S  R S   SS RSn
    MELBOURNE malarpoal melliya magalaa
    pG RG     R S  S    nS R S  S S RSn
    DIGITAL il sedhukkiya kuralaa
    M M M G3M  R M   G R  R R RGS
    ELIZABETH TAYLORin magalaa
    MG3M G3M  GM G R   R R RGS
    ZAKIR HUSSAIN thabalaa ivaldhaanaa
    MG3M  G3 M    G  M GR  SS  G   MP
    soanaa soanaa ival angam thangam thaanaa
    G  R   G  R   SR   G MG  GR  RS  SR  R
    soanaa soanaa ival LATEST CELLULAR PHONE aa
    P  MG  M  GR  SR   G MG   G  R RS  SR    R
    COMPUTER kondivalai andha bramman padaiththaanaa
    P  MG G  M  G R R   S R   G   M   G R    RS  SR
    Stanza :
    neeyillai enraal veyilumadikaadhu thuli mazhaiyumirukkaadhu
    rm p  p   pSndnp p n p m m gr rmr s  r  m m   n p m  gr rmr
    neeyillai enraal chandhiran irukaadhu oru sambavam enakkaedhu
    rm p  p   pSndnp p   n  p   mm gr rmr sr  m  n p   mm  gr rmr
    un paeraich chonnaal suvaasam muzhudhum suga vaasam veesudhadi
    G3 G3 RS    dS  S    p d  S   d S  R    S R  G3 P   M  G3R  S
    unnaip pirindhaal  veesum kaatril vaelai niruththamadi
    G3G3   R S  dSRSdp pd S   dS  R   g3 m   p n   d  p dSRdS
    (notes similar to above 4 lines)
    neerillai enraal aruvi irukkaadhu malai azhagu irukkaadhu
    nee illaamal poanaal idhayam irukkaadhu en ilamai pasikkaadhu
    vellai nadhiyae unnul ennai dhinam moozhgi aada vidu
    vetkam vandhaal koondhal kondu unaik konjam moodividu
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