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maayaa - Indhiyan

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Jimsweb, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Song: maayaa
    Film: Indhiyan
    Notes: s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n2 S

    maayaa machchindhraa machcham paarkka vandheeraa
    S RG R S RSn n S R S S S RSn

    maayangal kaatti moasam seyyum maaveeraa
    S S RG RS RSn n S R S S S Sn

    maaran kalaikkoodam manjaththil uruvaakkum maesthiri kaadhal saasthiri
    p S m g2 m g2 p p S mg2m g2m p S S g2 m p S S

    maarbil vilaiyaada mannan kai visaipoada raaththiri adachchee poakkiri
    p S m g2 m g2 p p S m g2 m g2m p S S pp m p R S

    urumaari urumaari oaviyap pen unaiththaedi varuvaenae vaarith tharuvaenae
    dS SG G GR M GRS d S G G GR M GRS d S SM M G R R R M G

    thadai thaandum padaiveeraa udaiyaaga aniveeraa thamburaa meettum kingaraa
    p S n3S R S S S dnp pS n3SR SS S dnp p S S p m p R S

    unai naanum adaiyaadhu vizhivaasal adaiyaadhu kanjiraa thattak konjiraa
    pS n3SR SS S dnp p S n3SR SS S dnp p S S p m p R S


    Stanza :

    unnai naan sandhiththaal ullaththil thiththiththai thakadhimmi thakkadhimmi thaalam
    S R MG2M R S RSn S R MG2M R S RSn S M M M M M M G2 MP MP

    unnai naan sindhiththaal undaagum thithippai udhadukkul poththi vaiththaen naalum

    poththi vaiththa thithippai nee thandhaalenna
    n R R R R G2 PM MG2 G2S S G2Snd1

    muththamittu sakkarai noay vandhaalenna
    n R R R R G2PM MG2 G2SS G2Snd1

    dhinamum dhinamum varalaamaa thavanai muraiyil tharalaamaa solladi soanpappadi
    S S S n n n d1d1d1 p S S S n n n d1 d1d1 pm p S S pm p S S

    seyalil irangu seekkiramaa meenam maesham paakkanumaa mennudaa ennaith thinnudaa
    S S S nn n d1 d1d1p S S n n d1 d1p pd1mp p S S p m p R S


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