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Techniques to identify a song's time signature

Discussion in 'Western music notes and tutorials' started by Jimsweb, Mar 18, 2016.

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    techniques to identify a song's time signature

    1. Listen to song many times. 99% of the songs have same time signature from binning till end

    2. Get the feel of the melody - listen carefully to the melody part to figure out where the melody starts and ends. If no melody present, listening to the beat (drum part) gives an idea where the song starts and end to calculate the beat count

    3. Start counting on the fingers until the melody / drum part repeats. for every beat, increase counter and make a count on another finger. you can start counting over again when the melody / percussion repeats.

    there are some tutorials:



    different time signatures in music:

    How to find out the key of a song by just listening a song alone?

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