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Myoozic.com has a new look, new feel..

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by administrator, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. hellflyer

    hellflyer Master

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    hai jim bro,
    at first thanks for all hardwork.am using the mobile version bro.when i switched into the full version i got the following error.


    404 Not Found
    You have requested a page or object
    that was not found on the server.
    This may be the result of a typo or
    broken link.
    Please contact the site administrator
    for assistance.
    If you are the site administrator:
    Make sure the requested file
    Remember that our filesystem is
    Enable and check the site's error
    log for more information.
    (The site administrator email has not
    been set.)
    NearlyFreeSpeech Error 404

    now lets come into stylesheet matter.
    at first the home page.it "was" so weird.but now the coffe brown theme looks xcelent.super.

    second thing, from main menu,when we move into a sub category, the page is just b/w.
    for eg,when i open hindi music sectn, black text appear in white bg.
    here what confuses me is i struggle a lot to see posts seperately.everything seems joind together.
    and ma suggetion for this is to provide seperate bg color or bod shape in bg as like in past.

    then login error.i think automatic login is disabled bro.i am asking to log im repetedly several times an hour.

    then most of time,site misbehaves in apperance.

    but this version looks pretty than old classic version bro.
    thank you.nd regards.sooryakiran
  2. hellflyer

    hellflyer Master

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    In ful ver, below each heading, the link "subscribe to ths post" is seen verticaly and is wasting readng space.pls hav a luk nd solve it.
  3. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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    I'm posting this from my mobile. this site looks pretty good to me.

    moreover, can you try opening myoozic.com in a computer? - it should have a uniform style throughout.
  4. administrator

    administrator Administrator

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    I have just disabled all mobile based themes. Now you should be able to see a uniform template across all devises. Please check and let me know if you see anymore discrepancies.
  5. hellflyer

    hellflyer Master

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    hai admin,
    now the template problem is solved. it looks pretty. thanks admin. .

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