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Myoozic.com has a new look, new feel..

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by administrator, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. administrator

    administrator Administrator

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    It's been a busy week for all of us, especially for jims and the technical support team who have worked tirelessly, day and night to bring our beloved forum up. The sad new is, last week, our forum got attacked by one of the Chinese hacking groups and they could bring our site down for a couple of days. Not sure why did they do that often to us - given the fact that ours is a non profit oriented musical fraternity. Still, it seems they had a hidden agenda to bring our forum down and use it as a spam engine server.

    The good news is:

    1. We have a new beautiful theme for our forum! And lots of new features are also added as part of the forum upgrade.

    2. New blogging system is introduced - please start blogging today itself under your name!

    I take this opportunity to thank the technical team that worked behind the scene to make this a reality. Above all i thank each one of the myoozic.com members who stood by us when we had a difficult time.
    Thanks one and all..!

    Some of the major changes:
    Unfortunately we lost our link back server, but we manged to retrieve all our post data. The issue is some of the old links may not work properly - still that post will be present in the form, but under a new link. I know it's a bit of embarrassing problem, but we don't have a choice either. For example, if you look at below post:


    The different links posted in above thread may not work - but those threads are actually present in the forum.

    Links like 'http://www.myoozic.com/tamil-music-notes/34-anjali-anjali-pushpaanjali-duet.html' has been replaced by 'http://myoozic.com/threads/anjali-anjali-pushpaanjali-from-duet-music-notations.34/', automatically after our forum upgrade. This applies to each links that you may have posted in different posts across the forum. I know that Chandranji has posted quite a lot of songs in different forums and its corresponding links in 'request section'. We need to go thru each of those links and replace it with corrected new links.

    I request all of you to go through each of your old posts and correct those links, if anything present - i know it's a bit difficult - but no other alternatives we have right now. (please don't do anything if you don't know what you are doing - fine we will take care of it)

    Thanks once again..!
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  2. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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    Thanks Admin - Let's keep up the spirit of music that we keep close to our hearts and learn from each other..
  3. hellflyer

    hellflyer Master

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    thankyou admin

    Hai admin,

    Its a happy news to hear that our community is back.bt same time, its also hurting that we hav been attacked by some hackers.me too hav no idea about the reason behind ths attack.may be our traffic attractd them for spam injection as you mentiond admin.thanks to all team members nd admin for preservng our data from a huge lose. . the link eror problem is nt a big deal. we cn rebuild the links soon..bt admin, the new style sheet seems a bit confusing ,i hope you wl update it. . bt i appreciate the hard work of whole team. so lets continue our build up process for myoozic.com version 2: vbulletin.
    thank you.
  4. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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    hey, are you using mobile version of myoozic.com?
  5. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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    we are yet to correct some of the templates in mobile version of myoozic.com.
    Just curios, which is the style sheet that you found confusing - just wanted to help you out.

    If you are using the website from mobile, you could switch to full version of the site - this will bring up the new website with latest style.

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