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Surangani Tamil / Sinhalese Song A.E.Manoharan piano Music Notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by ramvee@outlook.com, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Music or Keyboard Notes for the Peppy and Naughty Song of the 70's, Surangani Originally sung by A.E.Manoharan

    Song: Surangani
    Origin: Sinhalese Baila Song By A.E.Manohar, Used in several tamil films
    Music: A E Manohar (Ceylon Manohar)
    Lyrics: Several
    Singer(s): A.E.Manohar
    Language: Sinhalese/Tamil
    Year: 1972

    Though I tried I could only find this youtube link, tune is same but verses are different, though.

    Surangani       Surangani     Suranganita     malu   genawaa 
    EFG _ F E       EFG _ F E     EFG_ G G G      A G    F E D
    Maalu    maalu    malu,    Dan   genapu     maalu  
    D D       DDE      F F     D     D D D E    F F
    Suranganita    maalu    genawa       ..Surangani
    EFG_ G G G     G G      FED C
    Chinna    ponnu    lady,  un    Cigarette    onu     thaadi
    E_ E      EE F     G_G    F E   E  E  E      E F      G_ G
    Rendu    peyrum    seyrndu    summa    Dam    addipom   Vaadi
    E E      EE F      G_ G       GFE      A G    G F F     F E D
    Neeyum    naanum    jodi,   Inni   jollyki    enna    kodi
    D D       DDE       F F     D D     D_ D      D E     F_ F
    Iravum      paghalum    paaradhe    Inbathai      Naadi      ..Surangani
    G G G       G G G        G G G      GF_ F F E      D C
    Pallaavaram     Parangi    mallai,   dooram   dooram,
    E E E F         G G G      G F E      E_ E     E F G_
    Pachamulaga     kadichi    thinna    Kaaram    Kaaram
    E E_ E E F      G G G       F E       A G F    F E D
    Arisirrikku    Parpuirriku     aaka     mudiyaley
    D D D D E      F F  F E D      D_ D     D D E_ F
    Adutha   veetley  penn irruku   Paarka   mudiyaley    ...Surangani
    G G G    G_ G     G_   G G G    G F_F    F E D C
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