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poovukkul olindhirukkum music notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Jimsweb, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Music notes or keyboard notes for song poovukkul olindhirukkum

    song: poovukkul
    film: jeans

    poovukkul olindhirukkum kanikkoottam adhisayam
    de e  ed  dd  d  ed cb. b.b. cd  c   cc  c a.g.
    vannaththup poochchigalinmael oaviyangal adhisayam
    de e   ed   d    d  d ed cb.  b.c d  c   cc  c a.g.
    thulaisellum kaatru mellisaiyaadhal adhisayam
    f  f  f  g   e   e  dc d f  f  f    fg  g edc
    gurunaadhar illaadha kuyil paattu adhisayam
    f f f  g    e e  dc  d f   f   f  fa  g edc
    adhisayamae asandhupoagum neeyendhan adhisayam
    a.a.c d ed  dd  d  d  c   cd d  d    dd  d de
    kalthoanri manthoanrik kadalthoanrum munnaalae
    c  c    c  cedd    cb. c c  c    c   ce d  cb.
    undaana kaadhal adhisayam
    c c  c  ce dcb. cc  c c  g d cb.
    padhinaaru vayadhaana  paruvaththil elloarkkum
    c c  c  c  c e d   cb. c c c   c    ced    cb.
    padarginra kaadhal adhisayam
    c c  c  c  ce dcb. cc  c c  g d c
    stanza 1:
    oru vaasamillaak kilaiyin mael naruvaasamulla poovaippaar poovaasam adhisayamae
    cd  de e e  e    f f  f   ed   c d de e e  e  f  f   ed   e  eg g   dd  c a.cd
    alaikkadal thandha maegaththil thulikkooda uppillai mazhai neerum adhisayamae
    cd   d e   e   e   ef f   ed   d  g  e  e  f f  e   e e    eg g   dd  c a.cd
    minsaaram illaamal midhakkinra dheebampoal maeni konda minminigal adhisayamae
    g  g  g   f e  fg  g g   g  g  f   e  fg   eg g  g  g  g  g f e   eg  edc de
    udalukkul engae uyirulladhenbadhum uyirukkul kaadhal engulladhenbadhum
    ee f  f   dedc  a. c  d de d c    ee f  f   de dc   a.c  d de d c
    ninaiththaal ninaiththaal adhisayamae
    g g    ge    f f    fe    ef  fag ed c

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