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Oho Endhan Baby Old Romantic Tamil Song From Theyn Nilavu, Music Notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by ramvee@outlook.com, May 26, 2018.

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    Music / Keyboard Notes For The Superb Duet Composed And Sung By A.M.Rajah, First Tamil Film To Be Shot In Kashmir On Gemini Ganesan & Vyjayanthimala

    Song: Oho Endhan Baby
    Film: Theyn Nilavu
    Music: A.M.Rajah
    Lyrics: Kannadasan
    Director: Sridhar
    Singer(s): A.M.Rajah, S.Janaki
    Actors: Gemini Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala
    Language: Tamil
    Year: 1961

    Lower to higher Octave Convention: c,c#,d.. C,C#,D.. +C, +C#, +D..

    [ Oho   endhan    baby    nee    vaaraai   endhan   baby
      a a   f_ e      d df    d e    a  a      f  e     d df
    Kalai    megam    varna   jaalam    konda    kolam   kaanalaam ] 2
    e f      fg g     f e f   fg  g     g f g    a# a#   a# a g a 
    Oho       endhan       baby
    D D        D DF        DFDFD_
    [ Oho    endhan   darling    nee   vaaraai    endhan    darling
      A A    F_ E     D  DF      D E   A  A       F  E      D  DF
    Kalai   megam    varna    jaalam   konda    kolam    kaanalaam ]2
    E  F    FG  G    F E F    FG G     G F G    A# A#    A# A G A_
    Oho      endhan     daarling
    +D +D   +D +D+F    +D+F+D+F+D_
    [ Poovil   thondrum   menmai   undhan   penmai    allavaa
      C# D_    EE   D     C# D_    EE  D    C#  D     C a C_
    Thaavum    thendral    veygam   ungal     kangal   allavaa ] 2
    B  +C_     +D +D +C    B +C_   +D +D +C   B +C_    A_ F A_
    Innum    sollavaa,  Adhil   mannan    allavaa
    g  g     g  a a#    A G     F  F      F G A_ A#AF
    Antha    ennam    pothum   pothum   endhan   baby    ingu   vaa   ..Oho Endhan   
    f  f     f a g a  g  f     fgfg     fe  e    egfg    e_c#   d
    [ Engum      inba     vellam     kandu     pongum   ullamey
     +C# +D_    +E+E +D  +C# +D_    +E+E +D   +C# +D    +C A +C_
    Odum    intha   odam     kooda    paadal    paadume ] 2
    b C_    DD C    b C_     DD C     b  C_     a_ f a
    Vegam   poguma,       Idhu    kaadhal    vegama
    G G     G_ A A#+D#    a g     f   f      f g a
    Ennai   kaanum    pothu  ungal    kangal   kadhal   theduma  ..Oho Endhan
    F F     F A G A   G F    FGFG     FE  E    EGFG     E_C# D
    [ Kanney    unnai    kaanum   kangal   pinnaal   illaiye
      C# D_     EE  D    C# D_    EE  D    C#  D      C a C_
    Kannaal    kaanum    vannam    naanum    munnaal   illaiye   ] 2
    B +C_     +D +D +C   B +C_     +D+D +C   B  +C_    A F A_
    Anbey   odi    vaa,    En      raaja    odi    vaa
    g  g    g a    a#      A G     F  F     F G    A A#AF
    Vegu  dhooram   nirkkum  kaadhal   pothum    baby   odi   vaa   ..Oho Endhan
    f f   f a g a   g _ f    f g f g   fe  e     egfg   e_c#   d

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