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Music notations for song kunnimanikkoottil from Summer in Bethlehem

Discussion in 'Malayalam film piano music notes' started by 12f, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. 12f

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    Music notes for song kunnimanikkoottil Movie:Summer in Bethlehem
    Year 1998
    Musician Vidyasagar
    Lyricist Gireesh Puthenchery
    Singers MG Sreekumar ,KS Chithra
    Raga: Shankarabharanam C D E F G A B

    kunnimanikkoottil kurukikkondaadum
    D     B   A    B  A    B   A     B
    G A B A G E G  G  G
    manithinkaltheril varanundumaaran
    D     B   A    B  A    B   A    B
    G  A  B  A G E G  G  G
    nanavulla naanam mulaykkunna kannil
    B  B  D+  D+  D+ B   B   D+  D+  D+
    mazhamukil mashiyezhuthu
    B D+ F+ E+ D+  B D+ BAG
    kunukune verkkum kulurnettithadathil
    B  B  D+  D+  D+ B   B   D+  D+  D+
    B D+ F+ E+ D+  B D+ BAG
    [U]CHARANAM 1[/U]
    kaanaapponnum minnum ketti kalanoopurathaalam kotti
    B  B  D+   D+ A   A  G  G   B D+ D+ D+ D+ A A G  G
    kaathil pooval kammal chaarthi kalavenee vannaatte
    E    E  G D D  E   E  G  D   D D E AG AG G   G   G
    konnappoovaal kannikkodi aalilayaal peelithaali
    B  B  D+   D+ A  A  G  G B D+ D+ D+ D+ A A G  G
    kannippenne ninne chaarthaan kaattinte kasthoori
    E  E  G D D E   E G  D   D D E AG AG   G   G   G
    mailaanchikkayyil poovithal valayumaay
    G  C+ C+ C+  C+   C+ E+  D+ A  G  A  B
    alivolum nenchil thoonilaa kulirumaay
    G  C+ C+ C+  C+  C+ E+  D+ A  G  A  B
    ithuvazhi varave ninakku neraam mangala soubhaagyam
    B     E+  D+  E+ D+   B  A    G E G B A G  E G G G
    maayakkannan manjulavarnnan manimuralee gaanavilolan
    peelithumbaal meyyil tottaal virakondu vaadaruthe
    aarum kaanaa neram nokki arimullachodiyil muthi
    annam pinnam punnaarichaal pidayaathe pidayaruthe
    kili paadum kombil maarivillooyalil
    vilayaadum neram manjupol urukanam
    oru njodi alivaal kidannurangaan maaril chaayenam

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  2. vishnu narayanan

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  3. 12f

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    Yes, You are correct C Major Scale is Western Scale
    Carnatic Raga is Shankarabharanam
  4. Jimsweb

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    its a nice song and thanks for posting notations for this song.

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