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Malayalam songs

Discussion in 'Request piano music notations - Free!' started by Vmat, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Vmat

    Vmat Member

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    Can you please try
    1) shruthiyil ninnu uyarum ( yaman Kalyan )
    2) nee en sarga soundaryame

  2. Chandran

    Chandran Senior Moderator

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    Nee En Sarga Soudaryame (Kathodu Kathoram) & Shrutiyil Ninnuyarum (Thrishna)

    Hi Vmat

    Here is the link for the subject song notes uploaded by Murugan for Desibits.


    Alakkal Chandran Nair

  3. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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    here is the carnatic notes for the song Nee En Sarga Soundaryame

    Swaras: s r2 g3 p d2
    Raga Mohanam

    Nee |En |Sarga Soundaryame
    ededc |cdcda.|a. g. a. c d de

    Nee En Sathya Sangeethame
    ededc |cdcda. |a. g. a. c d dc

    Ninte Sankeerthanam
    c d ede ea a ag

    ede ea a ag

    Oro Ee Nangalil
    gac gac aged ca. a. a.d

    Paaduvaan |Nee |Theertha Manveena Njaan
    c d ededc |cdcda. |a. g. a. c d dc
    (Nee En...)

    Poomaanavum |Thaazhe Ee Bhoomiyil |Sneha Laavanyame Ninte Dhevaalayam (x2)
    ga a a ge |e g ga a c age |e g ad d c ac c a ga a g g

    opuram Neele |Aayiram Dheepam||
    g a ac ag ge |aga d c ag ge

    Uruki Uruki Mezhuku Thirikal Chaarthum
    g a c g a c g a c g a c ag ge

    Madhura Mozhikal Kilikal Athine Vaazhthum Melle
    e g a e g a e g a e g a ge ed dc ed

    Njaanum |Koode |Paadunnu
    a.c ca. |a.c ca.g. |a. c d
    (Nee En...)

    Thaalangalil |Deva Paadhangalil
    Bali Poojaikkuvaar Pookkal Aayengilo (x2)
    Poovukkal Aagam |Aayiram Janmam
    Nerukal Iniya Thukila Kanika Chaarthi
    Thozhuthu Thozhuthu Tharala Mizhikal Chinni Poovin
    Jeevan |THedum |Sneham Nee||
    (Nee En...)
  4. Megha

    Megha New Member

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