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Malargale [Love Birds] piano music notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by hellflyer, Aug 18, 2013.


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    Carnatic notes

    Malargalae malargalae idhu enna kanavaa
    s s  m1m1    r2 r2  p p   s s  m1m1   r2 r2 p
    Malaigale malaigale ithu enna ninaiva
    s s  m1m1    r2 r2 p p   s s  m1m1  r2 r2 p
    urugiyadhey   enadhullam
    m1p d1 n1 s+    n1s+ n1 pm1
    perugiyadhey   vizhi   vellam
    m1 p n1 n3 s+n1s+  n3 r2+s+  n3 pm1
    vinnoadum      neethaan   mannoadum  neethaan
    g3+r2+ r2+s+ s+   n3s+r2+ n3p   g3+r2+ r2+s+  s+ n3 s+r2+ n3p
    kannoadum       neethaan   vaa...
    g3+r2+ g3+r2+s+ s+  n3s+r2+ n3p   m1pn1s+d3s+ n1pm1g3r2
    Maegam  thirandhu kondu minnal  irangivandhu
    m1p s+n1  m1  p  p   p  p  m1p s+n1  m1p  p p   p
    maarbil  olindhukolla   vaavaa
    p   s+   s+s+  n3  p  p  s+n3 r2+
    maarbil  olindhukondaal maaran ambu varum
    m1p  s n1  m1p  p  p  p    m1p    m1pp  p p
    koondhalil   olindhukolla   varavaa
    p   s+  s+   s+s+  n3  p  p  s+ n3 r2+
    en koondhal devan thoongum palliyaraiyaa araiyaa
    s  p   p    p p   p    p   p  p r2 g3  pm1  r2n3- s
    malar soodum vayadhil ennai marandhu poavadhu    thaan muraiyaa
    s s   p  p   p p p    p p   m1 pn1 n3   s+r2+ n3 s+   n1s+n3   p m1  p
    Ninaikatha  neram illai  kaathal rathiye  rathiye
    s  p   p    p p     p    p   p   p r2 g3    pm1 r2n3- s
    un perai  sonnalpoothum nindru vazhividum kaathal nathiye
    s  s p p  p p p     p p m1 pn1 n3   s+r2+ n3 s+ n1s+n3  p m1  p
    en swaasam un  moochil en kaatru   un   paechil
    g3p s+   s+ s+n3 n3r2+ s+n3 pn3 r2+   r2+  r2+s+ g3+  r2+s+n3
    aindhaaru   nootraandu  vaazhvoam  ev vaazhve  vaa
    m1n1 g3+   r2+  s+   n3   n1p m1p   s+n1   s+ m1   pr2  m1r2sn3-
    Malargalae Malargalae..
    Poovil Naavirindhaal
    Kaatru Vai Thirandhaal
    Kaadhal Kaadhal Endru Pesum
    Nila Thamizh Arindhaal
    Alai Mozhi arindhaal
    Nam Mel Kavi Ezhudhi Veesum
    VazhvoduValarpirai Dhanae Vanne Nilavae Nilavae
    Vaanodu Neelam Pole izhainthu kondathu intha Uravae
    Urangaadha Neram Kooda Undhan Kanavae Kanavae
    Unnodu Uyirai Pole Uraindhu Ponadhu Dhaan Uravae
    Marakkadhu Un Raagam
    Marikkadhu En Dhaagam
    Unakkaga Uyir Vazhven
    Vaa En Vazhve Vaa

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