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Koottil Ninnum Mettil Vanna (Thalavattom)

Discussion in 'Malayalam film piano music notes' started by Chandran, Jul 22, 2013.

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    music notation fro song 'Koottil Ninnum Mettil Vanna'

    Movie : Thalavattom
    Year : 1986
    Lyrics : Poovachal Khader
    Music : Rajamani
    Singer : K.J.Yesudas
    Scale : D Maj

    Koottil Ninnum Mettil Vanna Painkiliyalle..
    DA      EF     DA     EF    DFEFD
    Thoovelicham Thooki Nilkkum Pookkaniyalle
    D   AEF      DA     EF      DFEFD
    Aaakasham Thaazhunnu..Neeharam Thoovunnu
    EDC#-A    C#C#ED      EDC#-A    C#C#ED
    Kathirolikal Padarunnoo..  Irulalakal    Akalunnu
    EGAC#+D+     C#+D+E+D+C+C+ EGAC#+D+C#+D# C#+D+E+D+C+C+
    Pularnnu Pularnnu  Thelinju Thelinju
    C+C+C+   C#+C#+C#+ D+D+D+   C+C+C+
    Chuvannu Thudutha Maanam Nokki?
    D+D+D+   C+C+C+   AG     ED
    Eee Vazhiyarukil Eeee Thirunadayil
    A   C+AGFF       A    GGAAC+
    Ponnil Mukil Tharum Ilam  Niram Vaarichoodi..
    C#+D+  C#+D+ C#+D+  C#+D+ C#+D+ C#+D+E+{F+E+D+} 
    Manjin Thukil Padam Idum  Sumathadangal Pooki
    C#+D+  C#+D+  C#+D+ C#+D+ C#+D+D+C#+D+  E+{F+E+D+} 
    Maranda Kanangal  Ozhukki Manassil
    C+C+C+  C#+C#+C#+ D+D+D+  C+C+C+
    Kurichu Tharunnu Nin Sangeetham
    D+D+D+  C+C+C+   A   GED
    Thenthaninirakal Thenithalanikal
    Thennal Narum Narum Malarmanam Engum Veeshi
    Kaathil Kalam Kalam Kulir Mriduswarangal Thooki
    Anandhapadhangal Kadannu
    Ananju Paranju Tharunnu Nin Kinnaram
    Alakkal Chandran Nair

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