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Konchi Pesida (Sethupathi) music notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Chandran, May 21, 2016.

  1. Chandran

    Chandran Senior Moderator

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    Dear Friends

    Please try and revert back.

    Music notes for the song Konji Pesida from the movie (film) Sethupathi

    Movie : Sethupathi
    Year : 2016
    Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar
    Music : Nivas K. Prasanna
    Singer : Sriram & K.S. Chitra
    Scale : G Minor

    Konji Pesida Vena
    AA#   AGAG   FED#
    Un Kanney Pesuthadi
    F  ED     EFGGA
    Konjamaga Paatha
    AA# AGAG  FED#
    Mazhai Saaral Vesuthadi
    DE     FG     GFGGA
    Naa Ninna  Nadantha Kanney
    A   AC+AC+ AGF      GA
    Un Mogamey Kekuthadi
    G  AC+D+   E+F+E+D+C+
    Ada Tholaivula Iruntha Thaney
    GA  AC+AC+     AGF     GA
    Perum Kadhal Kooduthadi
    AG    AC+    D+E+F+E+D+C+
    Dhooraval Dhooramai Pogum Neram
    AC+D+F+   AC+D+E+   D+C+  A#C+A
    Aasai Vala Idutha
    Nenjam Athul Viluthan
    Elunthidum Bothu Anbey
    Meendum Vilunthidutha

    Thanimai Unna Sudutha
    Ninaivil Anal Tharutha
    Thalaiyanil Pookalai Illa
    Koondhal Manam Varutha

    Kuru Kuru Parvaiyal
    Konjam Kadathuriye
    Kulurukkum Neruppukum
    Naduvula Niruthuriye
    Veli Ipo Venum
    Neril Mana Venum
    Satham Illa Mutham Tharavenum

    Konji Pesida Vena
    Un Kanney Pesuthadi

    Konjamaga Paatha
    Mazhai Saaral Vesuthada

    Alakkal Chandran Nair

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  2. shivaganesh.k

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    sir plz carnatic nathaswaram notes
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  3. Jimsweb

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    dint get you

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