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Kasavinte Thattamittu (Kilichundan Mambazham) music notes

Discussion in 'Malayalam film piano music notes' started by Chandran, May 21, 2016.

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    Dear Friends

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    Music notes for the song Kasavinte Thattamittu from the movie (film) Kilichundan Mambazham

    Movie : Kilichundan Mambazham
    Year : 2003
    Lyrics : B.R. Prasad
    Music : Vidya Sagar
    Singer : Vineeth Sreenivasan, Sujatha
    Scale : F Major

    Kasavinte Thattamittu Velliyaranjanamitt
    FGG#G#A#  G#GFF       FGG#A#G#G     FEC+
    Ponninte Kolusumittoru Monchathi
    FEF      C+D+C+A#AA    AAA# {G#GF}
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi
    FGG#G     FEDD      DEF {GG#GF}
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi
    FGG#G     FEDD      DEF {FG}{FG}{FG}{FFF}E
    Ivalude Munnum Pinnum Kandu Kothichavar
    EFFE    FGF    GG#G   FG    FEFF
    Minnum Meharum Kondu Nadannavar
    FGF    GG#G#   FG    FEFF
    Kooni Koodi Thadi Valarthi
    FGF   GG#G# FG    FEFC+
    Kayaroori Paanju Thandi Pahayathi
    FCC+C++   C+D+C+ C+A#   AA{A#}G#GF
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi
    FGG#G     FEED      DEF {GG#GF}
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi
    FGG#G     FEED      DEF {FG}{FG}{FG}{FFF}E
    Kulirinte Thattuduth
    Thulli Varum Nanamoth
    Penninte Puthuka Nenjoru Chendalle Nee
    Koonthali Puzhayithu Kandille Nee
    Koonthali Puzhayithu Kandille Nee
    Avalude Akkam Pakkam Ninnavarum
    Oppam Palathum Ketti Menanjathum
    Koode Koode Padi Orukki
    Thalayoori Ponnu Kalli Pahayathi
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi

    Kanavinte Muthadukki
    Ullilirunnu Aanoruthan
    Pennenthu Varunneeloppana Theernnallo
    Aa Koonthali Puzhayaval Poyallo
    Aa Koonthali Puzhayaval Poyallo
    Avaloru Kannum Kayyum Kondu Tharanjathu
    Penninu Karalum Chendu Thalachathu
    Maaranu Kana Thaamara Neeti
    Chiri Thooki Ponnu Thulli Pahayathi
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi
    Koonthali Puzhayoru Vambathi

    Alakkal Chandran Nair

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    You can use this simple online converter site to convert western to carnatic
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    what you mean by FEC+..?
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