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kangaL irandal - SUBRAMANIAPURAM

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Jimsweb, Dec 28, 2009.

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    SONG: kangaL irandal
    NOTES: s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 S

    kaNgaL     iraNdAl un     kaNgaL     iraNdAl
    s  g    rg  m     gr     s  g      rg  m
    ennai     katti     izhuTHAi     izhuTHAi    pOdhAdhena
    g r      s  g     rg  m         nd  m        p pm g  r
    chinna     sirippil     oru     kaLLa     sirippil
    s   g    r g  m         gr     s  g      r g  m
    ennai     thaLLi     vittu     thaLLi     vittu     moodi     maraiTHAi
    g r      s   g     r  g    m   n      d  m    p  m       g r  rgs
    pEsa     eNNi     sila     nAL
    S S     S S    S R    n
    arugil     varuvEn
    nd dm    rmrm p
    pinbu     pArvai     pOdhum     enanAL
    p  n    nS S     S S    SR n
    ninaippEn     naguzhvEne     mAtri
    n d   dm    mrm   p pm    g  r
    kaNgaL     ezhudhum     iru     kaNgaL     ezhudhum
    s  g    rg  m         gr     s  g      rg  m
    oru     vaNNa     kavidhai     kAdhal     dAna
    gr      s  g     r g m         nd m    p m gr
    oru     vArTHai     illaye     idhil     Osai     illaye
    gr      s  g            r g m     gr     sg      r g m
    idhai     iruLilum     padiTHida     mudigiradhe
    gr      sg r g        m n d  m    p m grg s
    SARANAM - 1
    iravum     allAdha     pagalum     allAdha
    rmrm p     m p pm        g m p        m m p    
    pozhudhugaL     unnOdu         kazhiyumA
    m m  n  n    n nm n        S n  R S
    thodavum     koodAtha     padavum     koodAtha
    g m  p        m  m p        g m p        m  m  p    
    idaiveLi     appOdhu     kuraiyumA
    mm  n n        n ndm m        m n  n S
    madiyinil     sAinthida     thudikkudhe
    S G R G     M   G  R     S  S  S GRGS
    marupuram     nANamum     thadukkudhe
    S S GR G     M G R         S  S  S GR GS
    idhu varai     yA..ridamum     sollAdha  kadhai
    SS   G RG     MRM G R S     n  ndm m  g r
    (kaNgaL iraNdAl)
    SARANAM - 2 (notes similar to SARANAM - 1)
    karaigal andAtha kAtrum theendatha
    manadhukkul eppodho nuzhaindhitai
    udalum alladha uruvam kolladha
    kadavulai pol vandhu kalandhitai
    unnai indri ver oru ninaivilla
    ini indha vonuyir enadhillai
    thadaiyilai sAvilume unnoda vAzha
    (kaNgaL iraNdAl)
    (pEsa eNNi)
    (kaNgaL iraNdAl)

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