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Kalvari Kunnile Karunyame (Vachanam) music notes

Discussion in 'Malayalam film piano music notes' started by Chandran, Apr 4, 2016.

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    Dear Friends

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    Music Notes or piano notes for the song Kalvari Kunnile from the Album Vachanam

    Album : Vachanam
    Year : 1993
    Lyrics : P.K.Gopi
    Music : Tomin J.Thachankari
    Singer : K.S. Chitra
    Scale : B Minor

    Kalvari   Kunnile Karunyame
    {-B-B}C-B -BEE    BC+AB
    Kaaval Vilakkavuka
    AB     AGF#EG
    Koorirul Paathayil Maanavarkennum Nin
    GGF#     AAG       C+C+A   BB     B
    Deeepam Kolutheeduka
    BB      AG#F#EEF#G#A
    Maargam Thelicheeduka
    EB      AG#F#EE
    Mulmudi Choodi Krooshidanayi
    AGAA    BB     AGF#E    GG
    Paapa   Lokam Pavithramakkan
    G{F#F#} {GG}A AD+C+   AB
    Mulmudi Choodi Krooshidanayi
    AGAA    BB     AGF#E    GG
    Paapa   Lokam Pavithramakkan
    G{F#F#} {GG}A AD+C+   AB
    Ninte Anandhamam Sneha Tharangangal
    AGA   BBD#+D#+   D#+E+ D#+E+E+E+
    Enne  Nayikkunna Divya Shakthi
    D#+E+ D#+E+BA    GF#   EG
    Ninte Vishudhamam Veda  Vakyangal
    AGA   BBD#+D#+    D#+E+ D#+E+E+E+
    Ninte Aathmavinu Mukthiyallo
    D#+E+ D#+E+BA    GF#   EG
    Sweekarichalum Enne Sweekarichalum
    EGF#    GG     F#A  F#EE    EE
    Kaarirumbani Thanirangumbol
    Kroorarodum Shamichavan Nee
    Kaarirumbani Thanirangumbol
    Kroorarodum Shamichavan Nee
    Ninte Chaydanyam Ee Praana Nalangalil
    Annum Chalikkunna Shwasamallo
    Ninte Vilapam Prapanja Golangalil
    Annum Muzhangunna Dukha Raagam
    Sweekarichalum Anne Sweekarichalum

    Alakkal Chandran Nair
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