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Jaamu Rathiri Super Hit Romantic Song From Kshana Kshanam Music/Keyboard Notes

Discussion in 'Telugu film piano music notes' started by ramvee@outlook.com, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Music / Keyboard Notes To Super Hit Romantic Lullabye Jaamu Rathiri From Kshana Kshanam ..
    Such A Soothing Song From M.M.Keeravani Garu !

    Song: Jaamu Rathiri
    Film: Kshana Kshanam
    Music: M. M. Keeravani
    Lyrics: Sirivennela Sitaramasastri
    Director: Ram Gopal Varma
    Singer(s): S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, K.S.Chitra
    Actors: Venkatesh, Sridevi
    Language: Telugu
    Year: 1991

    Jaamurathiri   jaabilamma,  jola   paadana    ilaa
    d  d dfd  c    d f g_ d     d d    d f d c    g g_f
    Jorugaalilo   jaaji   komma,  jaaraneeyake    kala
    d d dfd  c    d f     g_ d    d d  d f d c    g g_ f
    Vayyari    vaalu   kallalona,   varaala   vendi    poola    vaana
    F F_ E     E D     D C C_D      F F_ E     E D     D_ C     C_ DCa
    Swaraala   ooyalugu     vela     (Music)    ...Jamurathiri
    f g_ g     g a# a# a    g a      a g f d
    Kuhukuhu   saraagaale       shruthuluga,
    F D C a    f g f g f g f    g a C a _gC  
    kushalama  aney    sneyham   piluvaga
    F D C a    f g f   g f g f   g a C a
    Kilakila   sameepinche     sadulatho,  
    F D C a    f g f g f g f   g a C a_ gC  
    prathi  podha  padhaaleyvo    palukaga
    F  D    C a    f g f g f g f  g a C a
    Kunuku   raaka   butta   bomma    gubulugundhani,
    D F D    F  F    F F     F  F     C D C  E E  D
    Vanamu    lechi     vadhakochi    nidhrapuchani     ...Jamurathiri
    D F D     F F       F F  F  F     C D C E  E D
    Manasulo   bayaalanni      marichipo,
    F D C a    f g f g f g f   g a C_ gC  
    magathalo   maro   lokam     teruchuko
    F D  C a    f g f  g f g f   g  a  C a
    Kalalatho  ushaa   theeram   vethukuthu,  
    F D C a    f g f   g f g f   g a C a_gC  
    nidharatho  nisha   raani     nadichipo
    F  D C a    f g f   g f g f   g a  C a        
    Chitika   lona    chikkabadda   katika   cheekati,
    D F D     F F     F  F  F  F    C D C    E   E D
    Karigipoka   thappadhamma   udhaya    kaanthiki    ...Jamurathiri        
    D F D F F    F  F   F  F    C D C     E   E  D
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