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Gayatri Mantra Or Om Bhur Sanskrit Devotional Song Music Notes

Discussion in 'Other piano music notes section' started by ramvee@outlook.com, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. ramvee@outlook.com

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    Music or Keyboard Notes To Probably The Most Popular Sanskrit Mantra Ever, Gayatri Mantra or Om Bhur

    It basically means:
    "May the divine light of the Supreme Being illuminate our intellect, to lead us along a path of righteousness."

    Song: Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha (Gayatri Mantra)
    Film: Non-Film Devotional
    Music: Traditional
    Lyrics: From Rig Veda (3000 Years Ago)
    Singer(s): Several Singers And Versions
    Language: Sanskrit
    Raaga: Mohana

    Om    Bhur    Bhuvah    Svaha
    E_    E_      D  E      G  E 
    g3    g3      r2 g3     p g3
    Tatt    Savitur      Varennyam
    E_      E_ E E       G  ED   D       
    g3      g3_g3 g3     p  g3r2 r2
    Bhargo   Devasya    Dheemahi
    C  D     D D_ E     D C_ DD 
    s  r2    r2 r2_g3   r2 s_r2r2
    Dhiyo   Yo   Nah    Prachodhayaath
    C_ C    D    ED     D   D_ C   C_
    s_ s    r2   g3r2   r2  r2_s   s_
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    thanks for sharing this.

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