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Dukhathinte Paanapaathram piano music notes - Christian Devotional Song

Discussion in 'Other piano music notes section' started by Koodal1076, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Staff Notation has been uploaded in PDF format

    Dukhathinte paanapaathram
    Scale : G Major

    Dukhathinte paanapaathram,
    A D C D E F# F# G E E E E

    karthavente kayil thannal
    C E E F# F# A G G G G G

    Santhoshathodathu vaangi,
    F# G F# E D E E C B B B B

    halleluiah paadidum njan..
    B B B C D E E C C C C C

    Santhoshathodathu vaangi,
    F# G F# E D E E C B B B B

    halleluiah paadidum njan..
    B B B C D E E C C C C C

    Same notes are repeating

    2. Dhoshamayittonnum enno..dente taathan cheykayilla
    Enneyavan adichalum, avanenne snehikkunnu..
    3. Kashtanashtam erivannal bhagyavaanayi theerunnu njan
    Kashtametta Karthavodu, koottaliyaayi theerunnu njan..
    4. Lokathe njan orkkunnilla, kashtanashtam orkkunnilla,
    Eppolente Karthavine, onnu kaanamenneyullu..
    5. Lokasowkhyam enthu tharum, aathmaklesham athinbhalam
    Sowbhagyamulla aathma jeevan, kashtathayil vardhikkunnu…
    6. Jeevanathil vanpuvenda kazhchayude shobhavenda
    Koodarathin moodi pole Krooshin niram mathram mathi..
    7. Ullil enikkenthu sukham, thejasserum cherubukal
    Koodarathin akathundu, shekhaynaayum undavide..
    8. Bhakthanmaaram sahodarar, vilakkappol koodeyundu
    Prarthanayin doopamundu, meshamel entappamundu..
    9. Prakaarathil ente munpil, Yeshuvine kanunnu njan
    Yaagapeedam avan athre, ennumente Rakshayavan..
    10. Dhinam thorum puthukkunna, shakthiyennil pakaruvan
    Svacha jalam vachittulla pichala thottiyundu..
    11. Lokathe njan orkkunnilla, kashtanashtam orkkunnilla
    Eppolente Karthavine, onnu kaanamenneyullu.

    Liju Koodal

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