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Anisuthide Yaako Indu Mungaru Male piano keyboard music notes

Discussion in 'Kannada film piano music notes' started by Jimsweb, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Jimsweb

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    Anisutide Yako Indu - Piano Guitar Violin Flute Western music Notations
    Kannada Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations

    Mungaru Male
    Music Director
    Mano Murthy

    Music notes for song anisuthide yaako indu

    Singer Sonu Nigam
    sa=s, ri=r2, ga=g2, m=m1, pa=p, dha=d2 ni=n3
    unless and otherwise specified

    srgsn s rgs n p pmgrg p mgr
    srgmpdnS SRGSn S RGS n
    pdnS S n d n d p
    Sndpmgrs srgmpdnSR

    RGRSn p R GRS

    Sitar:RG M G R


    Anisuthide yaaako indu
    rg r s n g g r m g

    Neeneyne nannavalendu
    rp p d p p m gr p

    Maayadaa lookadinda
    rg r s n gg r m g

    Nanagaage bandavalendu
    r p p d p p m gr p

    Aahaa yentha madhura yaaathane
    m m g r m m m m d p p

    Kollu hudugi omme nannnaaaa
    p R R S R G R SnSn d

    haage summaneee e e e e e
    n n S R nSd m p m g m

    Anisuthide yaaako indu
    rg r s n g g r mpg

    pdp mpm gmg rgr

    d d d d d dn p
    mpdnSR RSndpmmp
    d d d d d n p
    mpdnSR RSndpmmp
    p p p p p d pmg
    gmpdnS dSndp pndpm
    m m m ndp p p ndpmp

    m n d pdpmgr n mp pdp
    mpmgrs m g rs m g..

    Suriyuva soooneyu soooside ninnnade parimala
    s s s r m p m g m g r s s s s r m p m g

    Innyara kanasalu neeenuu hooodare talamala
    s s r m p m g m g r s s s s r m p m g

    Poorna chandira rajaa haakida
    d d d d dn p d p m m

    Ninnaya mogavanu kanda kshanaa…
    n n n n n n S dn n n n

    Naaa khaidi neeney seremane
    m g r g m m m d p p

    Tabbi nanna aappiko ooomme…. haage summane
    p S n S R S n Sn d d d n S n d pdmg p

    Anisuthide yaako indu…
    gm g r s mm p g r

    Strings:s r g p m pdp
    pndn d p m p ndpm
    mdpd m g m gr
    s r g m p n p dnSnd p mgrs
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  2. Sathish

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    Can you please send this song piano notes in CDEFGABC format ..
  3. Jimsweb

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    please give a try - it's not difficult. once you try it, please post it here.
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