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Vishwamohini Melody player | Create, play, and share your Swara/Tabla compositions directly into web

Discussion in 'Carnatic and Hindustani tutorials' started by Shivraj, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Dear All,

    I have developed a multipurpose web application which is useful for Indian classical music Teachers, Students, Professional Artists & Music lovers.

    You can see it in action here,
    With the help of Vishwamohini Melody Player you will be able to write, play and share Indian classical notations & Tabla compositions quickly & easily directly into web

    Playback options
    Scale Type : Equitempered Scale and Just Intonation scale or 22 Shruti scale
    Scale : You can select scale from Lower black 1 [ C#0 ] to Upper white 7 [ C2 ]
    Intruments : Five instruments are available for melody playback : Piano, Sitar, Violin, Flute and Tabla Tarang
    Tabla Scale

    There are some useful utilities
    Tihai calculator / generator ( Simple, Chakradhar, Darje ki Tihai, Dupalli Tihai, Dupalli Chakradhar Tihai )
    Chakradhar generator
    Tukda generator
    Variations/combinations generator
    Bhatkhande converter

    Download Vishwamohini Melody Player Desktop Application, which is light weight and ready to use version of Vishwamohini Player without internet connection.It simplifies experimentation of music ideas.

    160+ compositions are already shared, join & Upload an unlimited amount of Vishwamohini Scripts and help the community, comment on others and listen to their creations.

    There is much more to explore, everything is free and always will be.
    Please let me know your views, feedback and suggestions
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