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uyirae uyirae - Bombay music notes music notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Jimsweb, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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    Song: uyirae uyirae
    Film: Bombay
    Notes: s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n2 S

    music notes, keyboard notations, guitar notes for the song uyirae uyirae (uyire uyire) vandhu ennoadu kalandhuvidu from movie Bombay

    uyirae uyirae vandhu ennoadu kalandhuvidu
    pp pd  pS d   p  d   n S  n  d p  p  p pmg
    uyirae uyirae ennai unnoadu kalandhuvidu
    pp pd  pS d   p d   n S  n  d p  p  p pmg
    ninaivae ninaivae endhan nenjoadu kalandhuvidu
    p p  m   p p  grs s s    r  m  m  p g  r  s s
    nilavae nilavae    indha vinnoadu kalandhuvidu
    p p m   m p mp grs s s   rm m  m  p g  r  s s
    kaadhal  irundhaal endhan kannoadu kalandhuvidu
    Sn nS SR Sn  nS nd d d    d  nS S  R n  d  p p mg
    kaalam   thaduththaal ennai mannoadu kalandhuvidu
    Sn nS SR S  n   nS nd d d   d  nS S  R n  d  p p
    Stanza 1:
    en suvaasak kaatru varumpaadhai paarththu uyirthaangi naaniruppaen
    m  p    S   nd1np  m p  p  p    mp    mgr mm  p    S  nd1npp  p
    malarkonda penmai vaaraadhu poanaal malaimeedhu theekkulippaen
    m m  p  S  nd1np  mp p  p   mp mgr  m m  p  S   nd1n p p  p
    en  uyir poagum poanaalum thuyarillai pennae  adharkaagavaa paadinaen
    pd1 RR   R  R   SR R  R   S  R R  R   SR Sd1p pd1  S  R M   GR R R
    varum edhirkaalam un meedhu pazhipoadum pennae adharkaagaththaan vaadinaen
    pd1   RR   R  R   SR R  R   S R  R  RS  RS d1p pd1  S  R   M     GR R R
    mudhalaa mudivaa    adhai un kaiyil koduththuvittaen
    S S  Sd  S S Sd1 pm mm    m  p  d1S d1p   m  g  gr

    Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)

    oar paarvai paarththae uyirthandha penmai vaaraamal poayvidumaa
    oru kannil konjam valivandha poadhu maru kannum thoongidumaa
    naan karumpaarai palathaandi vaeraaga vandhaen kannaalan mugam paarkkavae
    en kadungaaval palathaandi kaatraaga vandhaen kannaa un kural kaetkavae
    adadaa adadaa inru kanneerum thiththikkinradhae


  2. vishnu narayanan

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    i will try.thanks
    #2 vishnu narayanan, Dec 12, 2015
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  3. Thiru

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    Thanks a lot for the notes for Uyire Uyire.

    Can any one play the above notes and record a video
  4. Thiru

    Thiru Member

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    There is a video tutorial at

    #4 Thiru, Jun 18, 2016
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    ADITH KRISHNA Active Member

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    why not buddy..:cool::cool::cool:

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