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mudhal mazhai...

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by selmaissweet, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. selmaissweet

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    Song: mudhal mazhai
    Film: Bheema

    Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 S

    mudhal mazhai ennai nanaiTHadhE 
    s p    s p    p d   n d  m  p
    mudhal murai jannal thirandhadhE
    s p    s p   p  d   n  d  m  p
    peyarE theriyAdha paravai azhaiTHadhE 
    s s s  g  g gm m  g r sn. n.s  p  m
    manamum parandhathE
    m g rs  n.s  g  s
    idhayamum hOi idhamAi midhandhadhE
    n.s p m   mrm gr  sn. n.s   g  s
    (mudhal mazhai)
    Stanza 1:
    kanavOdu thAn adi nee thOndrinAi kaNgaLAl unnai padam eduTHEn
    S S R S  R    np  S   R    S R   p  S R   G R   n p   pn nR
    en vAsalil nEtru un vAsanai nee nindra idam indru uNarnthEn
    S  R S R   n  p  S  R S R   p   S   R  GR   n  p  pn   nR
    edhuvum puriyA pudhu kavithai artham moTHam indru arindhEn
    rm  m   m m m  m r   r m pmp  s r    s n.p. p.n.  sr  s
    kaiyai meerum oru kudaiyAi   kAtrOdu thAn nAnum parandhEn
    rm rm  m  m   mr  r m  pnmp  s  r s  n.p. p.n.  s r  s
    mazhai kAtrOdu thAn nAnum parandhEn
    s s    r srgrs n.p. p.n.  s r  s
    (mudhal mazhai)

    Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)
    Or nAL unnai nAnum kAna vittal en vazhvil antha nAlE illai
    Or nAL unnai nAnum pArthE vittal annAlin neelam potha villai
    iravum pagalum oru mayakkam neengamalE nenjil irukkum
    uyirunnullE unthan nerukkum iranthAlumE endrum irukkum
    nAn iranthAlumE endrum irukkum
    (mudhal mazhai)

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