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Iruvathu Kodi Nilavukal (Thullatha Manamum Thullum) music notes

Discussion in 'Tamil film piano music notes' started by Chandran, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Music notes for the song Iruvathu Kodi Nilavugal from the movie (film) Thullatha Manamum Thullum

    Movie : Thullatha Manamum Thullum
    Year : 1999
    Lyrics : Vairamuthu
    Music : S.A. Rajkumar
    Singer : Hariharan
    Scale : G Major

    Iruvathu Kodi  Nilavugal Koodi, Penmai Aanathoe..?
    EFEF     {GG}G GGGG      {GG}G  EFEF   {GG}GG
    Yen Ethirae Vanthu Punnagai Seiya, Kann    Koosuthoe..?
    E   EFEF    {GG}G  GGGG     {GG}G  {C+C+}B {C+C+}{GG}
    Koozhaigindra Thangangal, Kannangal Aagaathoe..?
    GC+C+C+       B{D+D+}C+   GC+C+C+   B{D+D+}C+
    Neligindra Vilrendu, Puruvangal Aagaathoe..?
    GC+C+C+    B{D+D+}C+ GC+C+C+    B{D+D+}C+
    Nooru    Kodi     Pengal    Undu    Unn    Poal   Yaarum   Illaiyae
    {D+D+}E+ {D+D+}E+ {D+D+}E+ {D+D+}E+ {E+E+} {G+G+} {E+E+}D+ {D+D+D+}B
    Aanaal, Kanni,   Unthan   Kangal   Kangal    Mattum      Kaanavillaiyae
    GC+     {D+D+}E+ {D+D+}E+ {D+D+}E+ {D+D+}E+ {E+E+}{G+G+} {E+E+}D+C+{BB}G
    Oh-oh,     Oh-oh..
    {AAAA}{GG} {AAAA}{GG}
    OhOhOh         OhOhOh   OhOhOh
    D+D+{C+C+C+C+} C+{BBBB} AGC+
    Thangamaana Koonthal, Thaazhthu Vantha Thenna..?
    {BB}C+{BB}G {BB}C+    {BB}C+    {BB}G  {BB}C+
    Manithai Unthan Paatham Kandu, Vanakkam Sollavoe..?
    GGG      {GG}G  {GG}G   {GG}   {GG}G    A#AG
    Thaen  Mithakkum Uthadu, Saernthu Nippa Thaena..?
    {BB}C+ {BB}G     {BB}C+  {BB}C+   {BB}G {BB}C+
    Ondrai Ondru Mutham Ittu, Inbam Kollavoe..?
    GGG    {GG}G {GG}G  {GG}  {GG}G A#AG
    Maanida    Piravi,     Ennadi     Mathippu..?
    {E+E+}D+E+ D+{C+C+C+}G {E+E+}D+E+ D+{C+C+C+}G
    Unn Kaal   Viral Nagamaa,     Iruppathu Sirappu..
    C+  {E+E+} D+E+  D+{C+C+C+}G {E+E+}D+E+ D+{C+C+C+}
    July Maadham Pookkum, Kondrai Pookkal Pola,
    Saela Konda Pennin Angam, Thottram Kaattuthae,
    Taj Mahalin Vannam, Maara Koodum Pennae,
    Minnum Oonthan Kannam, Innum Vannam Kooduthae,
    Niramulla Malargal, Å olaikku Perumai,
    Nee Ulla Ooril, Vasippathu Perumai..
    Alakkal Chandran Nair

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