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Home Recording Studio Experience - Basic Equipment

Discussion in 'General talks, Chit chat and Introduce yourself' started by ramvee@outlook.com, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. ramvee@outlook.com

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    Home Recording Studio Basic Equipment

    For all the friends interested here, i started a home recording studio in 2009, with ZERO knowledge of Music OR Recording. From building the sound proof room, to buying the equipment, and learning to record, the net was my main source, helped by one of the best sound engineers in India, Shadab Rayeen, now in Mumbai.

    All I knew was I Loved, All Music, Especially Tamil Songs (Born & Brought Up In Chennai), Hindi, Telugu and English.
    I got into the music field by mistake, to record my daughter's audio cd's. We have done 5 till now, first 2 were made in a studio outside and the latest three at home. All were distributed by Aditya Music, One of the best music companies in Hyderabad, India.

    Equipment in my home studio:
    1) Digi Rack 003 by Digidesign, now AVID
    2) Digi Command 8 by Digidesign (Not mandatory)
    3) One Excellent Vocal Condenser Microphone by Sennheiser
    4) Three Normal Microphone For Percussion & Live Instruments
    5) Genelac Speakers 8030b
    6) Very Powerful Computer
    7) Five Good Headphones
    8) 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier
    9) Tuner
    10) Shruti Box And Other Accessories
    11) Pro Tools Software by AVID
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  2. Sunil Kumar Bajaj

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    Dear what is the approximate cost of all these equipments......and how is performance
  3. Jimsweb

    Jimsweb Super Moderator

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  4. ramvee@outlook.com

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    Sunil Ji,
    In 2009, the whole equipment and Pro Tools (Without Command | 8) costed about Rs. 5, 00,000 /- But this is because I wanted to record 4 Tracks simultaneously, at Studio Quality. If you want to record up to 2 tracks at a time, cost is reduced.
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  5. ramvee@outlook.com

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    I used to use Fruity Loops On PC, excellent software. Even Nuendo from Steinberg was very nice. :)

    Also for low budget usage, i suggest Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for less than 150 USD, then download Pro Tools First, which is basic but FREE!
    You can make world class recordings, using a good notebook. I use this sometimes, for portability, quality is superb.

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